Hygiene, Colorado

Hygiene is an unincorporated community with a U.S. Post Office in Boulder County, Colorado, United States. Application for the first Hygiene Post Office was made by Jacob Stoner Flory of the United Church of the Brethren on May 28, 1883. Originally named Pella, the community’s present name stems from a time when it had a sanatorium to work with tuberculosis patients. St. Vrain Church of the Brethren, a historic Church of the Brethren congregation, is located in the town.

About Hygiene, Colorado

With a population of just a few hundred residents, Hygiene has maintained its identity as a quaint, rural farming town. The landscape around Hygiene features picturesque plains, rolling hills, grazing lands, and mountain views. While there is little commercial development, the town acts as a popular stopping point for cyclists and visitors traveling between Lyons and Longmont along Colorado’s scenic Route 66. Hygiene also draws visitors to its Fourth of July parade which celebrates the community’s down home charm. With the backdrop of the Rockies, the rustic and unhurried lifestyle of this tight-knit village makes it a charming destination to experience small town life just minutes from the recreation and culture of Boulder.

Hygiene History 

The first Brethren services in what is modern day Hygiene were led by James R. Gish in 1874. Jacob S. Flory, a Virginian Church of the Brethren (also known as “German Baptist”) minister, arrived in the Pella area in 1873 with his wife and eight children, establishing the St. Vrain congregation there in 1877. The St. Vrain Church of the Brethren was constructed by this congregation in 1880 and was the denomination’s first meetinghouse in Colorado. Flory would establish the Hygiene Home, a sanitarium for tuberculosis patients in 1881. The three-story, 35-room house was sought by patients who hoped the area’s “clean, mountain air, low humidity, high elevation, and year-round sunshine” would help them recover; roughly one-third of Colorado’s population in 1900 were those seeking tuberculosis treatment. It is from the Hygiene House that the community receives its name.

Flory and other members of the congregation moved to California in the 1890s; the meetinghouse would close to Brethren services in 1907 and the congregation later dissolved. Hygiene House would close after eight years of operation and be torn down in 1926 after a stint as a hotel St. Vrain Church was given for free by the Church of the Brethren to the Hygiene Community Cemetery Association, which had used the church building and cemetery for community events, in 2005. With a $43,000 matching grant from the Colorado Historic Fund, renovations on the church building were begun in 2010.


Why People Love Hygiene, Colorado


Nestled in the foothills of Colorado’s magnificent Rocky Mountains, the tiny unincorporated village of Hygiene offers residents and visitors the best of small town life. With breathtaking mountain views framing its picturesque rural landscape, Hygiene has held firmly onto its agricultural roots and tranquility even as the nearby cities have grown. Just a few hundred residents call Hygiene home, lending it a peaceful, neighborly atmosphere where life slows down and the challenges of the big city give way to the simple pleasures of country living. Hiking and horseback riding Hygiene’s scenic trails, buying fresh produce from roadside farm stands, and waving at passing neighbors gives one a nostalgic glimpse of Colorado’s rapidly vanishing rural lifestyle. But Hygiene has balanced change gracefully – annual 4th of July parades and community pancake breakfasts keep its history alive, while proximity via Route 66 to amenities in Longmont and Lyons ensures modern conveniences are never far away. Whether staying for a weekend or for a lifetime, Hygiene beckons those looking to disconnect from city chaos and reconnect with Colorado’s disappearing small town charm.


Best Time to Visit Hygiene, Colorado

While quaint and peaceful year-round, late spring to early fall provides the most ideal time to visit Hygiene. Starting in May, temperatures become consistently mild, with average highs in the pleasant 60s and 70s through September, allowing comfortable exploration of Hygiene’s pastoral landscape. The summer wildflowers bloom brightly with color in June and July across the meadows and farmlands surrounding the town. Early fall from September to early October sees fewer summer crowds, cooler days perfect for scenic cycling or horseback rides, and dazzling golden foliage emerge in the cottonwood trees along the creeks leading into Hygiene. Of course, no trip is complete without partaking in the iconic 4th of July parade, where residents young and old ride bikes and horses down the main road in celebration of the tight-knit community. From festivals to farms, vibrant flowers to vivid fall colors, the warmer months showcase Hygiene’s rustic heritage and natural beauty with bluebird skies as the backdrop. Experience Hygiene in summer and fall to fully immerse oneself in small town life against Colorado’s magnificent high-country landscape.


Top 8 Benefits of Living in Hygiene, Colorado

Here are some of the key things people enjoy about Hygiene, Colorado:

  1. Scenic Views – Hygiene’s location in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains provides breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, open skies, and colorful sunrises and sunsets. The rural landscape offers great vistas.
  2. Small Town Charm – The tiny population and laidback atmosphere make Hygiene quintessential small town Colorado. It has maintained its agricultural identity and friendly community.
  3. Outdoor Recreation – The fresh air and open spaces surrounding Hygiene are perfect for activities like hiking, biking, horseback riding, and enjoying nature.
  4. Peace and Quiet – With an absence of crowded development, traffic, light and noise pollution, Hygiene has an abundance of tranquility. 
  5. Farming Heritage – Historic ranches and farms keep Hygiene’s agricultural roots alive. Many residents still keep small farms and sell at roadside stands.
  6. Community Events – Annual parades and gatherings like the 4th of July celebration unite the town in celebration of Hygiene’s history.
  7. Proximity to Larger Towns – Easy access to amenities and attractions in nearby Lyons and Longmont while still being able to retreat back to rural life make for an ideal balance.
  8. The natural splendor, pastoral community and laidback tempo combine to make Hygiene a popular outpost for locals and visitors alike seeking to enjoy Colorado’s small town lifestyle.


Hygiene, Colorado Geography

Hygiene is located at 40°11′21.84″N 105°10′39.36″W (40.1894,-105.1776). Hygiene is centered around the intersection of State Highway 66 and Hygiene Road. The BNSF Railway has trackage on the south edge of Hygiene which is a branch line connecting Longmont and the Cemex cement plant at Lyons.

Situated at over 5,000 feet elevation, the landscape consists of high rolling plains, outwash mesas, and lush valleys created by streams descending from the peaks of the Continental Divide just 10 miles west. The north, east, and south sides of Hygiene showcase panoramic views of the towering Rocky peaks, including Mount Meeker and Long’s Peak, which rise dramatically from the plains to over 13,000 feet in elevation. These steep gradients have carved narrow gulches and canyons that cut through valley floors, creating ideal conditions for activities like rock climbing. 

Much of the Hygiene area is grassland terrain interspersed with pine, spruce and cottonwood trees along creek beds that swell during spring snowmelt season. The rich soil supports cattle and horse ranching operations, while irrigated fields grow crops of alfalfa and vegetables during the sunny summers. Overall, Hygiene’s geography reflects Colorado’s varied mountain landscape – high altitude plains, steep ridges, and verdant valleys that capture the state’s natural beauty at its best.

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